About Us

We are a team of working IT professionals with 15+ years of experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology. Our team of Network Administrators, Graphic Designers, Social Media experts, Software Engineers, Computer Engineers and Cloud solutions specialist has in-depth knowledge and experience whether in the cloud, client side, server side, network design, development and implementation.

Our IT services and consulting are based on an analytic approach to understand the business needs, resulting in ideal recommendation and action plan within your business needs, vision and mission goals.

Our team is a collection of highly driven, extremely passionate problem solvers who never back down with proven processes and highly experienced industry best practices.

Our Services

ERPs and EDMSs

We build and offer for powering and securable financial management systems, supporting corporate processes for finance operations, governance, risk and compliance management.

Web App Development

Our Software Engineering services include web application design and development, e-commerce, life cycle support, database and data warehouse design, enterprise architecture design and support, and legacy migration services.

We build engaging cross platform and native mobile apps for IOS, Android and Windows. Our experienced developers will make the most of your mobile application idea either for business or game development.

We offer a unique suite of ecommerce services to boost your ecommerce strategy including ecommerce marketing, web design, mobile, & payment processing.

Our IT Security professionals provide security management by helping our clients determine a strategy, create policies and procedures, and perform security environment analysis/definition.

Our Clients & Partners

Founder & Partner
Safety Tech Wa